Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night I had such a hard time falling asleep. I felt anxious, my stomach was upset and I didn't fall asleep until a little after one, which for people who know me is completely unusual. I had quite an interesting dream last night about someone really special to me, my grandpa. Although he passed away several years ago, I still miss him dearly and wish he could have been here to see all that I have accomplished. He passed a year before my graduation and I really wish he could have seen that.

In my dream, my grandpa appeared in Boston wishing me luck in my endeavors and when I saw him, I ran to him, hugged him and started crying and telling him how much I miss him. All day I have been thinking about what he said to me in my dream, "No se preocupe mamita, que todo va salir bien." (Don't worry, Everything will turn out fine) I believe it will although it seems now that the road ahead is uncertain, tough and full of obstacles.

I know I will make my grandpa proud and I know he's watching down on me giving me little spouts of encouragement.

One thing I have definitely learned in life is don't take anything for granted, be content with what you have and work for what you don't. In a blink of an eye it can all be gone and you don't realize how much it's worth until it's gone.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

THE Weekend

So after much debate and consideration, I decided to start a blog. I picked up the courage after going through a friend's blog. So here it goes....I guess. 

Well I figure I should start somewhere so why not talk about my weekend. Friday I had a very nice dinner at this Mexican restaurant in Old Town called Cafe Coyote. I went on a dinner date with the boo and since the restaurant participated in restaurant week, we decided to go with the three course meals. I first ordered a Tinga which was basically a chicken tostada topped with lettuce. The first couple bites were amazing and then I realized how spicy it was. My mouth was on fire. (I don't do too well with spicy) After two gold margaritas I was feeling cheery and enjoyed my second plate with three different enchiladas topped with nice sauces. The handmade tortillas are to die for. My dinner was complete with a nice ice-cream topped churro-like dessert. Overall the meal was very yummy.

My passion for food has fueled my writing abilities and I think I might focus on food in my blogs along with other adventures. 

Saturday I woke up relatively late for what I am typically accustomed too and decided to buy a caesar chicken wrap. Theres a place called Extreme Pita that has all types of wraps. As I waited in line, I noticed my wrap being poorly made. I HATE wraps that fall apart. It was pretty much eating a pita bread with salad on the side. I watched a movie with the boo as I tried to piece the wrap together and it totally ruined my food experience.  Anyways later in the evening I finished my leftover enchiladas and proceeded to get ready for a girls night out on the town.

Us gals decided to hit up FLUXX, gotta say I love this place. We started off to a great night which ended pretty interesting. Perhaps details will be given at a later date. 

Today I woke up and made a nasty sandwich. It was quick and easy, not appealing to the eye but it did the job. I think appearance really has a lot to do with how good the food tastes. For lunch me and the roomie had some pho with rare steak in it. It was good but my stomach was still upset from the previous evening. I did however love their lemonade with club soda. SO SO GOOD, I ordered two. 

Here I am, a bag of chips and slurpee later. Deciding to try something creative and write a blog. I know food may not be the most exciting thing to write about but to me dining and eating is an experience. The way different food blend together, complement each other and satisfy one's sense is an overall amazing process. So perhaps you will endeavor into my adventures in trying various foods and learning a bit about me in the process =)


I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS. My goal is to try chicken wings from various restaurants and compare them. Ill keep you updated =))